Anna Eriksson was born April 22, 1977 in Rauma, Finland. Because of her father’s job, Anna spent most of her childhood and teenage years traveling around the world. The family lived in India, Tanzania and Saudi-Arabia. Anna studied music from early on, concentrating in singing. After graduating college she recorded her first album, which instantly became a huge success in Finland. She has recorded ten albums, writing and producing the last four of them herself. Anna has won many awards, including two Emma prizes (the Finnish Grammy), and for her 2012 album MANA she received the Teosto prize, which is one of the biggest art prizes in the Nordic countries.

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photo credit: Ihode Cursum Perficio Production
In 2013 Anna put her musical career on hold and began working on her first feature film  (directed&written by Anna Eriksson ) M.  M premiered at 33rd Venice International Film Critics Week in 2018. General Delegate of Venice International Film Critics’ Week Giona A. Nazzaro on selecting Eriksson’s film: "I believe M is a very challenging, bold and brave piece of work. M definitely pushes the boundaries of cinema forward”.
Anna Eriksson's first private museum exhibition  "The Rituals of a Lonely Bitch"  1.9.2020-31.1.2021 Rauma Art Museum is continuing the themes of death and sexuality as in the film M.

Attention is drawn to an artistic process of Eriksson, which is focused on a female character M. The artist leads viewers to the dark sides of consciousness.

Anna Eriksson´s second feature film W will have it´s world premiere in 2022.  I want to explore the concepts of future, time, immortality and ritual through the means of image and sound. As an auteur filmmaker, I filter these topics through my own fears, desires and subconscious. I hope all of the great artists involved in the film an audiovisual poem that surprises, shakes and touches the spectator.